IGMeet Torchlight: Infinite Guide - How to Get Flame Elementium in Torchlight: Infinite Easy

The other thing that you can farm to generate some good currency is Path of the Brave tiers. Higher tiers will reward better loot and a higher chance at raw Flame Elementium drops as well.


Torchlight: Infinite requires some grinding of endgame Torchlight:Infinite Currency to acquire the most powerful characters, and the endgame gameplay loop revolves around this concept. The process is more or less the same for everybody, but there are plenty of ways to improve your loot drastically. It is rewarding enough to progress normally through the game, blasting through enemies for better gear; however, if efficiency is your goal, here are some tips and tricks for acquiring Flame Elementium as fast as possible.

What is Flame Elementium in Torchlight Infinite?

In there are many currencies, but Flame Elementium is what you will be dealing with a lot. It is a very common yet valuable crafting and trading currency that you need to get some good gear toward the end of the game. Getting it isn’t that difficult, but one mistake and you will always be short on it. To avoid this, you have to opt for Flame Elementium farming methods to always have a good amount.

Mapping and Trait Cards

The first way that you can farm Flame Elementium is by mapping and utilizing your Trait Cards effectively. This method is going to require a bit of preparation beforehand and a little bit of luck. First thing's first, you'll need to have a build that can ideally farm tier five or higher maps quickly. Faster mapping equals more maps per hour which equals more currency.

The Trait cards that you're going to want to have unlocked and in your Trait deck are the following:

Doughty (Magic and Rare ideally but any will do)

Sharp (6 affix rare gear has a chance to be converted to flame fuel)

Generous (Flame fuel dropped has a chance to be upgraded)

You will also want to have a bunch of memory compasses that increases the quantity of gear that drops, adds rare monsters, increased amount of flame fuel that drops, and drop rarity. You will finally want to roll your map to have a high rarity and quantity value, above 100% rarity ideally.

Now you'll need to start a fresh hand in an area, and get those three cards to be placed on the map. Then you'll run the maps as is starting with Doughty, then Sharp. When you get to Generous, this is where you'll add your compasses, and roll your map to have high quant and rarity.

The goal ideally is that with these pieces in place, the additional pack size and increased gear drop rate and rarity will translate into more of those pieces being converted to Flame Fuel, and then being upgraded to Flame Elementium. I would say that this this a strategy that is best done in tier 7 or tier 8 maps, as those maps can roll higher quantity and rarity.

The other thing that you can farm to generate some good currency is Path of the Brave tiers. Higher tiers will reward better loot and a higher chance at raw Flame Elementium drops as well.

Selling off Items in your Inventory

To create "Flame Elementium," begin interacting with the Auction House. Early and mid-game products can be sold for respectable sums of money. Fortunately, once you reach level 60 and access the Auction House, the game offers an in-game pricing monitoring system.

It is essential to consider the price of any Legendary with a very high requirement and, thus, a very high item level. Rare items with higher tier affixes with higher item level/requirement requirements could be valuable to someone.

You can also sell some more uncommon Embers you come across, like Restless and Ominous Embers. Again, you might come across some throughout your gaming career, so selling these can be beneficial if you intend to avoid trying your hand at meta-building.

Use The Auction House

This actually goes hand-in-hand with our above point, but you want to earn a steady stream of Flame Elementium by trading items to other players. Fortunately, you should receive a steady stream of tradable items from the above farming method.

You unlock the Auction House at level 60, at which point you want to try and sell as much legendary equipment in there as possible. Unless you’re dedicated to crafting, you can also get away with selling crafting resources that you don’t need as well.

Turn your memory fragments and fate cards in

As you are clearing maps in Torchlight Infinite, you will gather some memory fragments in the process. After you deal with all the maps, the next thing you should turn your head towards are fragments. You can sell them to the spacetime wanderer for legendary gears, raw currency, and other items that you can sell again at the auction house.

Purchase Some Online

Torchlight equipment with five to six affixes can be created using infinite Flame Elementium. To increase the quality of the equipment, players must have a lot of Flame Elementium. You may buy risk-free Torchlight: Infinite Flame Elementium on the https://www.igmeet.com/Torchlight-Currency exchange site, which offers Cheap Torchlight:Infinite Currency security and dependability.