Diablo 4: Bleed Barbarian Build

The concept behind this build setup is quite straightforward: try to inflict maximum bleeding damage around the enemy using your attacks



The concept behind this build setup is quite straightforward: try to inflict maximum bleeding damage around the enemy using your attacks. As a result, every time the enemy strikes, they'll hurt themselves much more due to the bleeding effect. With this build, you ought to be able to frequently make use of the Rend skill without worrying excessively about Fury management, provided you possess the right legendary items. It is essential to consistently employ Fury to keep damage reduction. Simultaneously, utilize Iron Skin and Challenging Shout strategically, timing their usage to increase their impact while you absorb incoming damage. Conserve healing potions judiciously to make sure your survival through the fight. The Call from the Ancients ability, especially the Death Blow, is primarily meant to assist you during boss encounters, offering valuable support in those situations.

Main Skills for Bleed Barb

Basic Skills: Flay (1/5) Enhanced Flay Battle Flay

Core Skills: Rend (5/5) Enhanced Rend Furious Rend

Defensive Skills: Challenging Shout (1/5) Enhanced Challenging Shout Strategic Challenging Shout, Iron Skin (1/5) Enhanced Iron Skin

Defensive Passive Skills: Outburst (3/3) Tough as Nails (3/3)

Weapon Mastery Skills: Death Blow (1/5) Death Blow

Ultimate Skills: Call from the Ancients Prime Call from the Ancients Supreme Call from the Ancients

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We list just the most important skills necessary for the operation from the build, and people used to get to the prerequisite of points one stage further.

Expertise for Bleed Barb

At level 5, the Barbarian starts to gain knowledge about the weapons he uses regularly. At level 15, he unlocks a quest to get to the next level of the feature, with Special Technique. Unfortunately, it can't be completed around the beta. So there isn't much to say of him right now, with the exception that the Barbarian must have better performances when he does.

Legendary Powers and Aspects for Bleed Barb

Powers aren't necessarily associated with specific items, you can extract and infuse them with the Occultist and also the Power Codex. Here is a list of the most important powers you'll need for this build:

Thorns have a chance to inflict damage who are around you.

You have a chance to achieve Fury every time Rip deals direct harm to a bleeding enemy.

Skills deal bonus damage according to your resource level.

Your next weapon skill deals additional damage for each 100 Fury spent.

For every 100 Fury spent, you produce Tornado together with your next main attack.

Your basic attacks reduce damage taken.

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