Elden Ring: How to Kill Dragons Easily

Elden Ring's Dragons seem tough initially, however with the right strategy, they may be felled quickly, so here's how to get them down.


Elden Ring's Dragons seem tough initially, however with the right strategy, they may be felled quickly, so here's how to get them down.

In Elden Ring Runes, players will frequently find themselves approaching dragons, particularly if they aspire to unlock the powers provided by Dragon Communion. They're also worth taking down for the sheer amount of souls they drop when defeated, which means this guide covers the best techniques for taking them down.

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Elden Ring's Dragons are highly mobile combatants with powerful breath attacks that may hit a large area as well as deal lots of damage using their claws and teeth, so players will probably need a little practice against them before they are able to reliably dodge many of these attacks. Most Dragon Fights take place in locales that permit the player to make use of their horse, Torrent, who is able to be used to outpace most of the breath attacks.

Stance Breaking

An easy way to leave Dragons susceptible to attack is as simple as breaking their stance, which leaves them lying on the floor open to attack. There are several extremely effective methods of breaking Dragon's stance, depending on the ball player's build.

Players using heavy weapons likely won't need much help here because the poise damage dealt by heavy weapons can certainly break a dragon if targeted at their weak spot, the top. Charged Attacks around the Dragon's head could be landed most easily if this tries to sweep its breath attack inside a cone before it. Dodge the flames and head for that side from the dragon's head, then charge up the attack and smash it. Jumping attacks on the top will also perform a ton of poise damage, and after a couple of successful hits, the dragon should collapse and be available to more attacks.

Players using fast weapons, especially dual wielding, may wish to grab the Cragblade Ash of War with this. Cragblade coats the ball player's weapon in rock, and it is used by Radahn during his boss fight, which greatly boosts the poise damage dealt through the weapon. Paired weapons such as the Caestus and Hookblades can unleash an absurd amount of poise damage when combined with this Ash of War, allowing players to pummel the dragon's feet (and head where possible with jumping attacks) until it collapses.

Intelligence-focused spellcasters get access to a few extremely effective spells that may knock dragons over by dealing huge poise damage. These are mainly in the Gravity School, and early-game players' first option with this is the Rock Sling spell. This is a surprisingly versatile physical projectile that deals really solid poise damage, particularly when aimed at that Dragon's head. Later on, players may wish to get beneath the dragon and fire the meteorite spell obtained in Liurnia instead, which deals much more poise damage as well as thrashes the Dragon's, Health Bar. Finally, the very best sorcery for coping with Dragons is Meteorite of Astel, the industry flat upgrade in the basic Meteorite in many respects and does better still at shredding through dragons.

Finally, Faith focused spellcasters have several excellent choices for eliminating dragons but only several good choices for breaking their stance. The Beast Incantation Bestial Sling is a superb early option with this, specifically for players who are able to aim it into the Dragon's face, dealing a reasonable quantity of damage whilst chipping away with poise damage until their stance breaks. This could be replaced or supplemented afterward with Stone of Gurranq, which deals a lot of damage and it is even better at dealing poise damage than Bestial Sling. Players having a taste for Frenzy Incantations could possibly get incredible mileage out from the Flame of Frenzy incantation, which also is available at the start of the game and fires a stream of projectiles that may deal a lot of poise damage when thrilled at a dragon from underneath it.

When attempting to break the enemy's stance, equipping the Stonebarb Cracked Tear within the Physik Flask is recommended to enhance poise damage.

Dealing Damage

When you are looking at actually damaging dragons, there are some really solid techniques for most play styles. Players who favor heavy weapons may wish to break the Dragon's stance (begin to see the previous section) after which unleash charged heavy attacks around the Dragon's head while it's down. The critical hit isn't everything effective in relation to raw damage from the dragon, but players wielding colossal weapons should equip the Assassin's Crimson Dagger and Assassin's Cerulean Dagger to consider an advantage from the critical hit. Colossal weapons trigger the Assassin's Dagger Talismans twice every time they score a viral hit, and may use this to heal and refresh their FP if they are running low once the Dragon's stance breaks.

Players using light weapons that attack quickly should ideally use blood grease or even the blood infusion on the weapons to tear with the Dragon's health bar using bleed buildup. Alternatively, using the strategy mentioned within the previous section to interrupt its stance after which dish out damage with dual-wielding or critical hits (using daggers for higher critical damage) may also be effective.

Intelligence-Focused Spellcasters may wish to knock the dragon down while using strategies mentioned within the previous section after which use Terra Magica to empower their spells. After casting Terra Magica, players may either continue dropping meteorites around the downed dragon or make use of a Cerulean Hidden Tear/Magic-Shrouding Cracked Tear Physik Flask empowered Comet Azur to melt with the Dragon's health bar.

Faith Focused Spellcasters could make excellent utilization of powerful, damaging spells such as the Dragon Incantations and also the Flame of Frenzy to lose through a Dragon's health bar within the early game (though receiving a Dragon Incantation does require slaying a minimum of one Dragon first), but within the late game, they are able to acquire some of the very best incantations for tearing down Dragons. Ancient Dragon's Lightning Strike is definitely an AOE attack that may ruin a Dragon's health bar having a charged cast, as long as the ball player gets beneath the dragon first, while Burn O Flame! provides similar utility to players who prefer fire harm to lightning. Flame of Frenzy and Unendurable Frenzy will also be tremendously powerful damage options within a playthrough. Equip the right Physik Flask tears to enhance either fire or lightning damage, based on which spell has been used, and Dragons will go down very quickly. (Lightning-Shrouding Cracked Tear or Flame-Shrouding Cracked Tear)

Status Effect Strategies

Players with the use of certain Status Effects could make use of these phones to make Dragon Fights easier. Frostbite is useful to virtually any build because it causes the prospective to lose an enormous chunk of health if this triggers as well as causes them to consider extra damage to all sources until it wears off. This could be inflicted pretty reliably using Dragonice and Borealis's Mist on the Faith Build, by using various Ice Sorceries agreed to Int Builds, and by using Ashes of War like Hoarfrost Stomp on melee builds.

Scarlet Rot could be inflicted on all dragons, especially Ekzykes in Caelid, and can deal a good chunk of immediate damage before chipping away at their own health for a long time afterward. This is best utilized in conjunction with another strategy or by players confident in their remarkable ability to dodge the Dragon's attacks before the Scarlet Rot finishes them off. Most builds get access to a source of Scarlet Rot, aside from Sorcery builds, therefore it is worth considering in many cases

Bleed is famously powerful in cheap elden ring runes, allowing players to consider huge chunks from enemy health bars repeatedly. This is the single easiest way for Arcane-focused builds to defeat dragons and works well once the blood infusion is put on the fast weapon, preferably something by having an existing bleed build-up such as the Reduvia or even the Uchigatana. Sorceries and incantations that inflict bleed are available but could be tricky to find and are generally less effective than a blood-infused weapon.

Elden Ring can be obtained for PS4, PS5, PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.