Top 10 Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer

When hiring a wedding photographer, it's important to ask questions about their style, experience, and pricing. This article will cover the top 10 questions to ask your wedding photographer.


When hiring a wedding photographer in Villa Pizzo, it's important to ask questions about their style, experience, and pricing. This article will cover the top 10 questions to ask your wedding photographer.

Find out if your photographer provides an early sneak peek on social media, or a full gallery soon after the big day. It's also helpful to know if your photographer offers album design services.

1. What is your style?

Your photographer will create your wedding photos, and you want them to be a reflection of your day. Asking about their working style helps you determine if they’ll be the right fit for your vision.

Shim suggests asking about their experience with weddings and whether they ever have to turn down a client due to equipment failure or other unforeseen circumstances. This shows how prepared they are to tackle any situation that might arise on your big day.

2. How many hours will you be with us on the day?

Some photographers will be able to answer this question off the top of their head, while others may need to take into account things like how far away your wedding venue is from where they live. This will be important to know if you’re considering booking with a photographer who won't be able to attend your rehearsal dinner or scout the location before your big day.

3. What is your turnaround time for images?

It’s important to know how long it will take to get your photos back after the wedding. This should be outlined in their one-sheet of packages, but if it’s not then be sure to ask!

It’s also important to see full galleries of weddings that your photographer has shot. This will give you a better idea of their ability and skill set.

4. What is your turnaround time for editing?

Every photographer works a little differently, but it is important to discuss turnaround times so that expectations are set clearly. Kevin explains that by over-delivering on a promised timeline, clients build trust and loyalty to your brand.

It is also helpful to ask what type of corrections are included in the editing process. For example, some photographers may offer skin softening as part of their editing service while others may charge extra for these services.

5. What is your pricing structure?

A wedding photographer's price can be expensive, so it's important to understand how they charge for their services. Ask them about their payment terms and whether they offer flexible pricing options.

Also, find out if they have a backup plan in case of an emergency. This may include bringing a second photographer or assistant to your wedding. They should also provide you with a list of items that are included in their packages.

6. What is your backup plan in case of an emergency?

If you find a photographer who’s available on your wedding day and has an aesthetic that fits with your vision, ask about their backup plan in case something unexpected comes up. This could be anything from illness to a vehicle breakdown.

It’s also worth asking how they manage timelines and group photos so that the day runs smoothly. Also, check what’s included in their packages and whether they offer any add-ons.

7. What is your turnaround time for images?

It's important to ask your photographer how they'll deliver the final wedding photos. This will include whether you'll receive print files or digital copies, and what form the photos will come in.

Benson recommends asking this question to get a better sense of the pros' priorities and values. This can help you choose a pro that aligns with your own personal values and vision for your day.

8. What is your turnaround time for editing?

Depending on the photographer, it can take a few weeks to a month or so for your images to arrive. Be sure to ask about their turnaround time so that you know what to expect.

It's also a good idea to request to see full galleries from past clients to get an idea of how long it may be before you receive your images.

9. What is your turnaround time for editing?

Most wedding photographers include basic editing in their package like cropping, exposure, contrast, toning, sharpening and maybe some light skin softening. However, it is important to ask what their definition of 'edited photos' is as this can vary greatly.

By exceeding your clients' expectations and delivering ahead of time, you will create evangelists for your business. This also builds trust and loyalty.

10. What is your turnaround time for editing?

The number of photos you receive will be a factor in how quickly you can get your images. Some photographers will have a quick turnaround time, while others may take longer.

Also, ask them what their process is for editing. This will help you determine if their style is what you're looking for. Many photographers will include this in their one-sheet for packages but it is worth asking anyways.