Unfortunate Elden Ring Player Dies on the Way to Collect 120k Runes

Unfortunate Elden Ring Player Dies on the Way to Collect 120k Runes


An unlucky Elden Ring player ended up dying, due to no Elden Ring Items apparent fault of their own, on the way to collect over a hundred thousand runes. Runes are a form of currency in Elden Ring, as gamers can use them in a variety of ways to improve their character, such as leveling up or upgrading their weapons.

Like the Dark Souls games, players lose their runes upon dying in Elden Ring, forcing them to respawn at a previous Site of Grace. While users can retrieve the lost runes by collecting them from their last place of death, they are lost forever should players die on the way. It’s possible to lose a ton of runes in this manner, as one Elden Ring player ended up losing 120k runes by dying on the way to get them back.


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A Reddit user named n00miii has shared a small clip from a late-game area in Elden Ring called Crumbling Farum Azula. The player is on the way to fight Maliketh, with the fog door being guarded by a Draconic Tree Sentinel. The user n00miii runs past the Tree Sentinel and enters the boss arena to trigger the fight, but one of the enemy’s attacks hits the player despite being through the fog door, and the resulting impact makes them roll off the platform to their death. In the post’s title, n00miii confirmed that they were on the way to collect 120k runes from their last place of death before this unlucky incident occurred.

Players will also notice that the Tree Sentinel throws a fireball at n00miii as they are going through the fog door, but the user doesn’t take any damage during the transition. The platform leading to the boss arena is fairly small, and many Elden Ring gamers have probably died by falling off of it in some way. However, it's perhaps rare for players to have died due to a lightning strike by the Draconic Tree Sentinel standing outside the arena.

Users in the comments section recommend always killing Tree Buy Elden Ring Items Sentinels in Elden Ring as they don’t respawn, allowing players to freely explore the area. One fan also mentions that this particular Draconic Tree Sentinel gave them more trouble than the boss, with many players sharing complaints about the lightning attacks. Another user suggests that gamers should spend their runes before initiating a boss encounter, as it’s always possible to lose them by accidentally dying in the game.